Operators In C Programming Language are symbol that is used to perform logical and mathematical operations.

In C Programming language the types of operators are as follows:

  1. Arithmetic operators

  2. Assignment operators

  3. Relational operators

  4. Logical operators

  5. Bit wise operators

  6. Conditional operators (ternary operators)

  7. Increment/decrement operators

  8. Special operators

Types of Operators 
Arithmetic_operators Mathematical operation like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, division, and modulus are done using arithmetic operators
Assignment_operators To assign the values for the variables Assignment operators are used.
Relational operators
Comparision of value of two variables is done using relational operators.
Logical operators
Logical operation on the two variables are done using Logical operators.
Bit wise operators
Bit operations on two variables are done suing Bitwise operator.
Conditional (ternary) operators
It executes first statement  if condition  is true and executes another statement if condition is false.
Increment/decrement operators
To increment or decrement the value of a variable increment/decreement operators are used.
Special operators
Example : &, *, sizeof( ), and ternary operators.

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