SEO tutorial step by step : to Get High RANK in Search Engine

This SEO tutorial step by step  will help you understand that in 2017, website streamlining isn’t discretionary any longer. It’s not quite recently smart SEO. It’s what web crawlers need you to do.
This asset is heaped to the top with material, instantly note worthy things you can do to your site, to enhance rankings, execution and activity.
seo tutorial step by step

What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the process of upgrading site pages or entire website with specific actions to make them search engine friendly, in order to get higher position for targeted keywords.In simple words, SEO is a process to get high rank for a particular website’s keywords in search engine’s unpaid results.This instructional exercise discloses straightforward SEO strategies to enhance the perceivability of your site pages for various search engines, particularly for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

On Page SEO 

On Page, SEO is the process of cleaning up your both source code and content of the website. In on page SEO you have to optimize your Meta titles, meta descriptions, heading tags, URL’s, Internal links, Outbound links, design, website speed and much more.While doing on page SEO you have to do proper keyword research and use them in right way in your titles, headings and in the body content.

Off Page SEO –

“Off-Page SEO” is the majority of the exercises that you and others do far from your site to raise the positioning of web pages. In spite of the fact that many individuals relate off-page SEO with external link establishment, it goes past that. Numerous exercises that don’t bring about a standard connection on different destinations are critical for off-page SEO.
On-page SEO improvement occurs inside the site, while off-page SEO occurs outside the site. If you are writing a guest post for another blog and asking for a backlink that means you are doing off page SEO for your website

SEO tutorial step by step

In this web era, it seems like internet is the only where you can get genuine clients as with time old marketing methods are diminishing day by day because of the availability of quality user base online. With that traditional marketing usually cost high as compared to digital marketing because of low actual outcome. So for promoting your product online first you have to improve your site ranking. Search engine plays really important role in fetching leads and clients online so it’s really important to improve your ranking on these search engine so client can easily get you.

On Page Search Engine Optimization :

All this used for to make website index and cache by search engines spider in organic search results and to make website complete SEO friendly as per Google SEO quality guidelines.
1 Website Pre – competition’s analysis
2 Keywords research and content Analysis. (Check all content, whether it is enriched with targeted keywords or not)
3 Placements of All appropriate keywords and Meta tags per webpage of the website.
4 SEO URL Optimization, URL Architecture, Identification of Pages for Keywords, Links renaming, Content Optimization of pages identified
5 HTML Validation
6 Code Optimization
7 Remove Junk code and Blank Space
8 Rename variable names according to keywords.
9 Image optimization
10 Conversion of dynamic URL to static URL
11 Submission of website in Google and Google Webmaster Tools.
12 Submission of website in Yahoo.
13 Submission of website in Bing.
14 Submission of XML Sitemap and Robots.txt Files
15 Submission of Google Map Script Locater.
16 Google Analytics. (To Track the Daily Traffic)
17 Google Map Listing

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Important to create maximum no. of strong and quality back links, which leads to make good PR and Google Rank

1 Manual Search Engine Submission
2 Manual Relevant Directory Submission
3 Local / Niche Directory Submission
4 Link Exchange – Relevant Links Only (One Way)
5 Link Exchange – Relevant Links Only (Two Way – Reciprocal)
6 Article Submission (per article)
7 Local Classifieds Ads Creation & Posting
8 Global Classifieds Ads Creation & Posting
9 Forum posting/Commenting/Signature Links
10 Blog Creation and comments, updation and promotion
11 Free Yellow pages submissions
12 Google Local Map Optimization.

On Page SEO Guide

1) Keywords Research: Keyword search plays vital role in search engine optimization. Instead whole SEO revolves around keyword generation, optimizing keywords, using competitive as per your rivals and finding right keywords as per higher ranking. Usually first step in optimizing keyword is to make a list of high ranking keywords as per your website. Then you need to check out your ranking on search engine pages and to check what are our competitors on high ranking keywords. And last stage will be using high ranking keywords in website content, adding meta tags and writing blogs to get more traffic on our site. There are lots of free tools out there that will be very helpful to find relevant keywords like
  1. Google Keyword Planner,
  2. WordStream,
  3. Wordtracker,
  4. Ubersuggest.
Google Keyword Planner is best amongst all.
2)Competitive Analysis: Competitive Analysis is the process of analysing the strategies of your competitors. First you have to find your right competitors that are ranking high in search results with same keywords which you want to rank. Then you analyse their website content, backlinks, social media strategies and many more. There are number of tools to analyse your competitors
  1. SpyFu
  2. Monitor Backlinks
  3. Alexa
  4. SE Ranking
3)Content is King: Constant content updation and promotion is necessary to improve ranking on google. Make sure blogs should be attractive and written as per high relevant keywords so that your content should be listed on search keywords. Not only that by using appropriate keywords you can easily promote your blogs on social platforms. Heading and subheadings should also include relevant keywords with creative content to make it eye-catchy. Only keywords and search don’t play important role in content promotion but an attractive content speaks for itself and make user want to read it.
4)Meta Tags: It includes meta title and meta description. All these are important because this is the first thing user will see while searching.  Meta Title helps to display results in search as well as for knowing more about page data. Its second most important content so it should be written considering both keywords as well as writing it in a way that can attract customer to read. With that it should be relevant as per page content as irrelevant traffic can never get you clients or leads. Meta description include short description about your page that will show in search engine result pages. This will give an overview about your web page.
5)Site Optimization: It includes optimizing site as per to improve visitor experience that can convert lead into client. Basically this include focusing more on UI/UX, any site got very limited time to convincing visitor that site will complete its purpose. And for using that limit we need a website that is fully competitive as per our rivals, attractive, designed as per latest trends, user friendly with site map to access site easily, content uniqueness, responsiveness, overall speed and device friendly attributes.
               As per experts a user will not wait for not more than 13 seconds to open a site and once a visitor leave your site consider you have lost your prospective client. So uses caches, cookies and image compressor is really important to optimize site and make it load quickly. Not only that you have to observe your market and see what your competitors are offering and what is their site layout. In which they are providing offered and in which sections they are showing featured products. All these things play vital role in landing client as we need to make every accessible for visitor to make it easy for him to understand product.
6)Build Trust: Your Website is a place where you have to make your company’s presence by different ways which include building social media pages, promoting on social medias, getting genuine client reviews, building links by making presence on different blogging site. When all these things are combined it forms a brand by creating your online presence.
 It really important to build visitors trust by providing online information about your work. As search engine makes web presence for a company, customer is not visiting us physically so before trusting us he/she needs something to build up his trust and make him believe in our brand and products.
7)Overall Ranking: Keep monitoring your overall search engine ranking by checking your position with different keywords. With that there are some tools also that help you analyse your site completely as to check overall ranking and reasons of less search. Google search console is the best tool to check overall health of your website and your keywords position, impressions, clicks, any many more. Google analytics tool is best tool to track your all traffic, website goals, funnels, conversions and many more.

Off Page SEO Guide

1)Link Building: Link building is a process of building a links from other relevant website to your website. Search engine count  each relevant  backlink as a vote of trust. So your backlink profile should be very strong. There are number of method for link building, you can follow this most trusted guide for link building.
2)Guest blogging: Guest blogging is not dead and will never pass on. Yes, yet one accomplished for SEO is dead long back since 2014. You can clearly utilize visitor presents on highlight important posts of yours which are in-setting. Having a visitor post on a legitimate webpage can help your blog’s positioning and web index perceivability.
3)Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is an approach to bookmark our most loved pages online to peruse them at whatever time and anyplace on the off chance that we are associated with the web.
The pages we bookmarked at social bookmarking locales is considered as a quality backlink according to web crawlers. Also, we as a whole realize that the quality backlinks causes us to build blog movement and Google Pagerank. That is the reason SEO experts incorporate SB in their website streamlining practices.
Here is A list of some High PR Social Bookmarking Sites
  1. Reddit
  2. Stumbleupon
  3. Delicious
  4. Bizsugar
  6. Pinterest
4)Blog Commenting: Which was at first done to collaborate and construct connections is currently a decent wellspring of getting perceivability. You can look keywordluv and commentluv empowered online journals to leave your coveted connections.
Significant Hints:
  1. Try not to remark on online journals that are spammy and insignificant to your specialty. This won’t just keep your website from being hailed by Google additionally enable you to decrease the ricochet rate that the perusers of those online journals would convey to you.
  2. Utilize the remarking trick when you distribute an article on the web.
  3. It must be Relevant with your niche and have still crisp remarks streaming.
  4. Have commentluv empowered
Now compose an important remark on the post and leave your most recent post connect. This will get your post listed quicker and furthermore you can get referral activity from those destinations’ guests.
Simply remember the above focuses to help control you. It requires investment, and it’s a great deal of diligent work, yet in the event that you stay with it, it pays off.

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