Basic Python Program

Are you looking for the basic Python program? We have curated it for the Beginner in Python Programming Language. The syntax of the Python language is very clean and short compared to other programming languages.

It’s really fun to work in Python because it allows you to think about the problem rather than focusing on the syntax.

Basic Python Program

Python is best learned by practicing examples. The page provides examples of simple Python concepts. It’s suggested that you take the sources from these examples and try them yourself.

  1. Hello World Program in Python
  2. Add Two Number In Python
  3. Basic Calculator in Python
  4. Check If A Given Number Is Prime Number
  5. Factorial of a number in Python
  6. Positive or Negative number in Python
  7. Check if a Number is Odd or Even in Python
  8. Swap Two Variables in Python
  9. Find the sum of even factors of a number in Python
  10. Calculate the Average of Numbers in a Given List In Python
  11. Exchange Values of 2 Numbers Without Using a Temp Variable in Python
  12. Read a Number n and Compute n+nn+nnn in Python
  13. Reverse a Given Number in python
  14. Take in the Marks of 5 Subjects and Display the Grade in python
  15. Print all Numbers in a Range Divisible by a Given Number in python
  16. Read Two Numbers and Print Their Quotient and Remainder in python
  17. Accept Three Digits and Print all Possible Combinations from the Digits in python
  18. Print Odd Numbers Within a Given Range in python
  19. Find the Sum of Digits in a Number in python
  20. Find the Smallest Divisor of an Integer in python
  21. Find the most occurring character and its count in Python
  22. Count the Number of Digits in a Number in python
  23. Check if a Number is a Palindrome in python
  24. Print all Integers that Aren’t Divisible by Either 2 or 3 and Lie between 1 and 50 in python.
  25. Read a Number n And Print the Series “1+2+…..+n= in python
  26. Read a Number n and Print the Natural Numbers Summation Pattern in python
  27. Print an Identity Matrix in python
  28. Print an Inverted Star Pattern in python
  29. Read Print Prime Numbers in a Range using Sieve of Eratosthenes in python
  30. Copy odd lines of one file to other in Python
  31. Check if a string contains all unique characters in Python
  32. Legendre\’s Conjecture In Python
  33. Triangular Matchstick Number In Python
  34. Convert floating to binary in Python
  35. Convert float decimal to Octal number in Python
  36. Check if all digits of a number divide it in Python
  37. Find the vertex, focus, and directrix of a parabola in python

we hope you find these basic Python programs useful.