Benefits of Learning C

Do you want to know the benefits of learning C?  The c programming language is a procedural system programming language that was developed to write an operating system coming with some important features such as low-level access to memory, clean style, and usage of a simple set of keywords making it all the more suitable for system programming or compiler development.

Learning C programming has a lot of benefits in understanding the underlying architecture of how certain things function. Knowing this language will help you understand any modern language and their most important concepts as that of pointers and working with memory locations.

Here are some of the important advantages you could seek by learning C programming.

Benefits of Learning C

Understand the fundamentals of Computer Theories

You require a good knowledge of C programming to work on most computer theories such as Computer Designing, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, and Computer Architecture. You’ll also get a clear idea of the working which takes place with the CPU cache, network adapters, memory, etc. which is often kept hidden from the user in the modern high languages.

C is a Middle-Level Language

Middle-level languages are those that fall somewhere between the low-level understandable machine assembly and high-level user-friendly modern languages. Thus, being in the middle, C reduces the gap between the high and the low and is used for both writing operating systems and doing application-level programming.

Very fast in terms of Execution Time

C programming language is faster in terms of execution time as the programs that are written and compiled in C language execute much faster than other programming languages. This is because C programming does not have to undergo any additional processing overheads like preventing memory leaks, garbage collection, etc. These things should be taken care of by the programmer during the coding process.

Fewer Libraries

One of the main reasons why learning C clears programming concepts is because it offers fewer libraries as compared to other high-level programming languages. So, you need to write a lot of things from scratch for implementing some basic operations and then implementing them as well on your own to help build your analytical skills.

Embedded Programming

C is extensively used in Embedded Programming, which is also known as micro-controller programming where C programs are used to control microcontrollers that have great applications in Robotics, Hardware, auto-motives, etc.


If you want to get started with programming or coding then C programming language is the apt language for you as it will help you with all your fundamentals related to the underlying architecture of how things actually work. Once you know and understand this middle-level language, mastering any of the modern high-level languages will be a child’s play for you as you’ll then know the main functionalities of programming languages. Go ahead and start with printing your first C programming language code if you haven’t started yet!