Benefits of Learning Java

Benefits of Learning java
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Wondering about the benefits of learning Java? Will learning Java help you with your niche? Will you get a high-salary job after learning this programming language?

Java was designed to make customized applications that are fast and light along with serving a variety of other purposes. Moreover, the programming language is also known as WORA which means, ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’. This ought to have definitely got you excited into the general-purpose language. So, here are more reasons to elaborate on why you should learn Java.

5 Benefits of Learning Java

Java is Platform Independent

Since the Java source code is converted into byte code by the compiler, Java is platform-independent, thus allowing users to execute the programs on any other platform using the Java Virtual Machine. That’s the main reason why it is also known as WORA. Owing to this feature, most Java applications are developed in a Windows environment and then they are run on a UNIX platform.

Java is Versatile and Easy to learn

One of the major reasons for this programming language to be so popular among developers is due to its versatility and easy learning experience. Java provides you with a wide range of features such as multiple security features, dynamic coding, platform-independent characteristics, network-centric designing, etc. Its versatility comes in very handy in making programming applications on the web, desktop, mobile, etc using several platforms.

Java offers Powerful Development Tools

Programmers using Java are provided with many IDE’s (Integrated development environments) that offer various facilities such as syntax highlighting, debugging, code completion, automated refactoring, language support, etc, thus making the coding process in Java much faster and easier.

Moreover, Java also has an integral role to play in Amazon Web Services, Apache Hadoop data processing, and Windows Azure. So, if these are the companies you’re targeting then start targeting Java first.

Java provides multiple Open Source Libraries

The open source libraries in Java provide users with a lot more resources that can be shared, studied, changed, and copied as well. These libraries all together can be used to make Java development cheaper, faster, and easier. Some of the open-source libraries provided by Java are Apache Commons, Google Guava, JHipster, Maven, etc.

 Java has an abundant API

Java comes with three different types of API (Application Programming Interface) that cover up several Java classes, interfaces, packages, etc which are very useful for constructing and implementing applications without knowing what is actually implemented in there. If you are willing to find out, you can definitely do that, but it isn’t necessary at all.

Official Java core API, Unofficial API’s, and Optional official Java API’s are the ones that are mostly used for everything from networking, I/O, media to databases, XML, speech synthesis, parsing, etc.


Java is one such programming language which should definitely be in your list of completing next. It’s easy and quick to learn but most importantly provides you with a lot more and can also be run on any other platform using the Java Virtual Machine. It is an object-oriented programming language that paved the path of making it to the top as the TIOBE Index for April 2019 has announced Java to be the number one programming language.

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