Features of C++

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In this section of the C++ tutorial, we will have a look at the features of C++. Now you are aware that C++ is an Object-oriented programming language & thus most of its features are of OOps.

Features of C++

Easy to read & understand

C++ is a simple programming language & you can learn it with ease. Most of its keywords & in-built functions are like the English language only.

Platform dependent & portable

C++ is a platform-dependent programming language. It means you need to run on the same operating system where it was developed and compiled. However, it is a portable means when we write and compile any C++ program on the window operating system that program easily runs on another window-based system.

If we can copy the.exe file to any other computer that contains a window operating system, it will work properly because the native application code and the operating system are the same.

It is very Powerful

A huge list of data types, functions, control statements, decision-making statements, etc makes the C++ programming language extremely powerful.

Object-oriented Programming language

As mentioned earlier, C++ is an object-oriented programming language & thus it has all the features & properties of it like polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction.

Case sensitive & syntax-based programming language

C++ is a case sensitive programming language. It means that the word written in Capital letters are different from that written in small letters. Moreover, C++ is a very tight programming language based on syntax. If any language follows rules and regulations that are very strictly known as a tight syntax-based language. Example C, C++, Java, etc. If any language does not follow the rules and regulations very strictly known as loosely tight syntax-based language.

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