Data Types in C++

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In this section of the C++ tutorial, we will have a look at data types in the C++ programming language. Data types in C++ are keywords that are used to specify the type of data we use in our C++ programs.

Types of Data Types in C++

There are many data-types available in C++. They are classified under two categories:

  1. Built-In or Fundamental Data types
  2. Derived or User-Defined Data types

Built-in data types

  1. Built-in data types are the most basic data-types in C++.
  2. The term built-in means that they are pre-defined in C++ and can be used directly in a program.
  3. char, int, float and double are the most common built-in data types.
  4. Apart from this, we also have void and bool data types.
Type Keyword
Boolean bool
Character char
Integer int
Floating point float
Double floating point double
Valueless void
Wide character wchar_t

Derived data types

  1. User-defined data types are those which are first declared and defined by the user before use.
  2. They are composed of built-in data types.
  3. Examples are : array, structure, union, class, pointers, etc.

Types of user-defined data types in C++

  1. struct
  2. union
  3. enum

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