This Digital Marketing tutorial will help you understand different Digital marketing techniques such as SEO, Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, ASO, Social Media Marketing, SEM(Search Engine Marketing), Content Marketing, PPC (pay-per-click advertising ), Affiliate marketing, and Email marketing.

SEO Tutorial

This refers basically to everything that is done to make your website rank high on search engines. When people search for anything on Google or Yahoo or Bing, the search engine takes them to resources that are most important as determined by many factors. SEO is what ensures that your website is among those resources that are highly placed.

Tips for Search Engine Optimization:

  • Use relevant keywords
  • Avoid Keywords stuffing and don’t buy links
  • Use tags for the site content

Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Facebook marketing can be done in three major ways by business enterprises: pages targeted Ads and groups. We look at each of these in turn, focusing on their usefulness and relevant tips to get the best out of them.

Tips for successful Facebook Marketing:

  • Excellent market research must be done prior to the placing of the ad.
  • Find out what words, phrases, images are of great interest to your target audience.
  • Use the ‘Lookalike audiences’ feature.

YouTube Marketing Tutorial

Video marketing is becoming more common as a means used by businesses and organizations to promote their business brand. Youtube marketing has been used by many companies to improve awareness and increase the sales of their products and services.

Tips for successful Youtube Marketing:

  • Create informative content.
  • Include keywords to make it rank higher
  • Add an appealing Thumbnail
  • Share on social media.

ASO Optimization

ASO marketers and marketing companies agree that ranking higher in search results and top charts rankings will drive more downloads for an app. So in this world of applications revolution, how do you make your app count? So you have spent a lot of time, energy, and money developing an app, you have provided good content that you want to go viral, how do you accomplish that in an app-crazy world?

Tips for successful ASO Optimization:

  • Make your app interactive and give it a user-friendly Interface.
  • Strive hard for positive ratings.
  • Maintain the quality of the App.
  • Optimize with keywords in the App Store.

Content Marketing Tutorial

Content marketing is a marketing technique that ensures that quality and relevant content (presentations, blogs, articles, and videos) are created and distributed to a target audience in order to increase brand awareness, generate leads and increase customer base. Content marketing also ensures that customers’ relationship is firm and customers are retained for further purchase.

Tips for Content Marketing:

  • Know your target audience, who they are, and what interests them
  • Let your content be useful, engaging, and interesting to your audience
  • Ensure consistency and don’t sacrifice quality

Social Media Marketing Tutorial

Social media marketing covers a whole range of digital marketing platforms where the social media is maximized to generate sales, improve traffic, keep track of customers’ ideas, opinions and responses and establish good customer support.

Tips for Social Media Marketing:

  • Make it personalized. Social media is the greatest opportunity to be one with your customers
  • Prioritize. As there are many social media platforms, it is important to learn to choose the ones more consistent with your overall marketing plan
  • Have specific marketing goals and target audiences. The social media is too big to be non-directional

Email Marketing Tutorial

Email marketing can vary from email newsletters (which provide important content about the business that increases awareness), transaction emails (which are messages that are a result of some actions taken by a customer on some platforms. Email marketing can help to provide a consistent, organized, yet formal way to maintain interactions with customers- actual or potential.

Tips for Email Marketing:

  • Be organized and consistent
  • Be formal in your interactions
  • Ensure quick response to customers.

Pay Per Click Tutorial

This is a method where visits to your website are actually bought. In pay per click, you pay a particular amount of money anytime and every time your ad is clicked. Pay per click ensures that when customers are looking for products on search engines, for example, your product ads are seen and they are redirected to your website at a few costs to you.

Tips for Pay Per Click:

  • Use relevant keywords
  • Ensure that the page that customers land after a click is of enough quality to keep them on the website and at the end, make a purchase
  • Design quality, well-targeted ads





This is a digital marketing tool that focuses on the conversion rate of a website. The conversion rate basically is the number of people who visit the website that actually make a purchase or more broadly. Conversion rate optimization is a complex system that ensures that the traffic and leads that a business generate are made maximum use of (increased conversion rate). It uses customers’ feedbacks and analytics to ensure this.

Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization:

  • Make maximum use of feedbacks
  • Have a perfect landing page
  • Know why some leads are buying as much as you want to know why some are not


This is a system that helps you to get a lot of information about visitors to your blog or website. Information such as the number of visitors, their location, the kind of web browsers they use, most popular pages, which marketing plan brought the most people, which content was most useful to the visitors and so on. Google analytics gives an audience report that is important for knowing your customers and knowing which audience to target.

Tips for Google Analytics:

  • Look at relationships and trends in the data
  • Use historical data to predict future trends and use this forecast for your marketing plans
  • Go beyond the obvious and do a deeper data diving to discover the most important information