Top 10 Best Platforms To Start Chatbot Development

Top 10 Best Platforms To Start Chatbot Development
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What is Chatbot?

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software that can dynamize a conversation with a user in a language that is natural through messaging applications, telephones and mobile apps is termed as Chatbot.

A chatbot is a program set in the computer which mimics to get natural format through human conversations. One of the time breaking feature of chatbots is that it learns or studies from the past synergy and become smarter and intelligent as the time passes.  

T0p 10 Best Platforms To Start Chatbot Development

Consumer experience is one of the inarguable keys for the business differentiators, and a chatbot amalgamation ways mean that ways the pave to accomplish and maintain it with perfection. So to go on with the speed of time it is important to devote to chatbot development.

10 Best Platforms To Start Chatbot Development

1. Chartfuel: There is a company in San Francisco, which offered the Chartfuel builder platform. It proved resources easy to use with a drag-drop factor. Its directness makes it the ideal platform and also it works on prettified coded rules and serves customers accordingly.

2. Botsify: There is a company in Santa Clara (CA), which offered the botsify platform. It provides a function of custom templates along with a drag-drop facility. 20 templates come under the free version, and the templates can increase as per the upgrade.

3. Flow Xo: There is a technology company in England, named Flow Xo. It provides a provision to get in contact with the customer through voice and chat, as per the requirements.

4. KITT.AL: This chatbot platform is being retained by China’s search giant Baidu, located in Washington. It supports a bunch of use cases and can be used through mobile apps as well as web.

5. IBM Watson: It can leverage a wide range of technology frameworks like node. It can deliver multiple verticals including financial services, media, and so on.

6. Microsoft Bot Framework: As the name speaks, it was offered by Microsoft. It provides the platform with integrated connectivity, scalable and development to help the developers to create such bots that go on multiple platforms.

7. It is a Polo Alto, CA-based Technology Company. It learns human language through every leverages and interaction so that the community can evolve and develop further. It is having the flexibility to use SDKs like C++, Android, etc.

8. Semantic Machines: It is an AI Development Company having offices in Berkeley, CA, and Boston, MA. It is a technology that actually understands the conversation. It supports large ranging from customer service for travel, search, business productivity, and beyond.

9. This Company operates from Spain. It can be defined as a visual bot builder mechanized by NLP Engines and it respectively targets the insurance sector. It has drawn out its services to operations as a cross-industry operation solution.

10. Many Chat: This platform is being loaded with important tools that make the development of Chatbot easier and faster. With its easy terrace, it appreciates new users, market content, schedule posts, and much more.

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