How to Monetize Facebook Page in 2020?

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If you are having a Facebook page with some followers try ways to monetize your page.  Today online media is concentrated on social sites and Facebook is one of the best platforms to link up with your work.

If you are willing to earn from your Facebook pages then start looking into the process that how it is done.

I have known people who use Facebook as an integral part of their income. Though Facebook doesn’t pay you directly it has wide platforms that will help you monetize your page.

Did you link up the page with websites or not? Or you have fewer followers. It doesn’t matter you can still monetize your page.

Here are a few 5 ways to monetize your Facebook page

Optimize For Mobile

Today 50% of the facebooks population is attached through mobile phones. Link the websites which have mobile optimization. If you target the audience using a mobile you can easily gain a good position.

Mobile optimization will always be in demand so look before you do something.

Affiliate marketing strategy

You can send your traffic to Affiliate marketing sites which will pay in return if someone buys a product or service. This is the best option you can use to monetize your page. Just select a niche and start linking up with some affiliate marketing sites. The sites will hook you up with codes for their products and services. Amazon, eBay provides the best Affiliate marketing strategy.

Once you are a part of the Affiliate Program for any sites you just need to paste the link on your page.

 Selling Digital Content

Selling Digital content will not require any website set up. Promoting an eBook on this platform is easy and can engage your audience and keep connected to your various websites if any.

Digital marketing has grown up since the growth of eBooks and other digital documents. It’s quite simple and doesn’t require an extra boost up.

Send Traffic To Ad-Enabled Sites

You need to have a website to send your traffic to Ad enabled sites. The idea is your websites must look like blog laced with numerous Ads. If someone clicks on the ads they will be directed to the Ads location.

It is a kind of affiliate marketing that pays if someone buys any product or service.

Sell Products using websites

Promote products and link your audience to the product page. You have options for this. Either use a hosted or e-commerce solution to promote.

But it is important to have mobile-optimized sites that can have more audience.

This can be very useful for promoting any product and services.

“All you need is to decide”