How to start learning Java

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Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming language. The reason behind the popularity of Java is an open source environment. You can use any of programming language source code in this platform. Also, Java is fast, reliable and secure. From web application to app development, mobile phones to games; Java can be used everywhere.

Things you need to know before learning Java

Before learning Java, you need to have clear understandings of OOP’s concept as well as a basic experience of programming can also help you to boost up your learning. But, it is not necessary. If you have interest and dedication in learning, you can directly start learning Java.

  • Understand the Basics of Java

Before start learning anything, you should have a clear understanding of its basic as well as familiar with its environment. It will help you to learn faster without any hustle.

  • Step by Step Learning

Java contains a bulk of topics to learn all are used in each others concept. So, to start learning java, you need to start from its basic and then step by step move forward with the best practice of learned concepts.

  • Sharpen your Coding

To make your coding best and sharpen, you need to do regular practice because until you don’t practice what you have learned, its just a waste of time. You will forget all of without regular practice.

  • Explore More about Java

A regular study of Java and exploring more about its various topics, general use and facts help you to maintain your interest in learning.

  • Study with your Friends

Group study is one of the best way for learning and making concepts more creative. With this you will know others way of explaining, their ideas and methods they use. Also, it helps you to solve your coding problems on the spot.

Setting up Java

When you will become comfortable with the Java environment, try running this simple program

 /* Java Program to print “Hello World” */  

public class AVG {
    public static void main(String args[])
        System.out.println("Hello I am learning Java");


 Hello I am learning Java 

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