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Python interview questions are designed for freshers & experienced professionals to help to prepare for upcoming Python Interviews.

Python Interview Questions

Where is the (,, etc.) source file?

To quickly check where a module is located, import it and check the module’s __file__ attribute:

>>> import math
>>> math.__file__
>>> import random
>>> random.__file__

If this gives you an AttributeError exception, the module is built into the interpreter.

What is the key difference between a List and a Tuple?

The main difference is that a List is mutable in Python whereas Tuple is immutable. And from memory consumption perspective, a List consumes more memory than a Tuple.

Read more.

How to Call Base Class Method From a Derived Class?

For old-style classes:

BaseClassName.methodname(self, arguments)
>>> class A:

...    def hello(self):

...        print 'a'


>>> A().hello()


>>> class C(A):

...    def hello(self):

...        A.hello(self)

...        print 'c'


>>> C().hello()


For new-style class:

super(ClassName, self).method(args)
>>> class M(object):

...    def hello(self):

...        print 'm'


>>> class N(M):

...    def hello(self):

...        super(N, self).hello()

...        print 'n'


>>> N().hello()


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