Python Projects for Beginners

Python Projects for Beginners
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Are you looking for python projects for beginners? If you’re into Python programming, it is imperative for you to get started with a project or say a mini-project, which will be easy enough to get you into the core concepts of Python. As we all know, Python is a versatile programming language used for tons of things with various libraries and modules.

What better than a project can you have to explore all those modules and libraries? These projects will not only help you in learning about the scope Python has built for you but also will help you exert a strong grip on the programming language. Moreover, if you get stuck somewhere, remember that the community of Python is near and dear to you. It’s just one click away. So, feel free to Google it out!

5 Python Projects for Beginners

Guess the Number

In this project, you’ll need to use the random module wherein the program will first generate any random number that will be unknown to the user. As the name of the project suggests, the user needs to guess the number by placing its input.

If the user guesses the number correctly, a positive indication will be given by the code, otherwise, the program will display whether the entered input is higher or lower than the random number. So, in order to compare these two numbers, you need to make sure that the entered input should be an actual number.

Mad Libs Generator

In this project, you need to explicitly work with strings, variables, concatenation, and print function. All you have to do is make a premade story template in the code and then take a series of input from the user.

All the data that has been entered by the user should be placed in the premade story template and then at the end, you need to print out the entire story including that of the user’s input. This project will help you get an upper hand over manipulating user inputted data and focus on the concatenation of strings.

Dice Rolling Simulator

Do you know how we can make an unbiased dice with Python? This project is just about all that! In this project too you’ll need to use the random module. You should make a program that would choose a number between 1 and 6. The program will then print the chosen number.

Once you’re done with printing the number, the program should ask the user if they’d like to roll the dice again. If yes, the above process will continue, otherwise, the program will stop executing. This is a great project to establish a solid foundation for basic concepts such as loops and functions.


In this project, you’ll make a sort of ‘guess the word’ game, not focusing a lot on the actual ‘hangman’ part. You need to grab a word first which will be guessed later by the user. You can make this using a pre-made list. Your program should then allow users to input letter guesses and also set a limit on how many guesses they can use.

You’ll need to use functions in order to check if the inputted letter is in your pre-made list or not. And if it is, then you also need to check how many times it appears. Moreover, you need to make sure that the user enters a single letter. Finally, you need to print the letters and keep on guessing and limiting the same using a counter variable.

Adventure Game

Yes, adventure with Python! This project will be fun as users would have to move through different rooms based on their input and then get the description of each visited room. Thus, you need to create a program that’ll establish the direction for the user to move around, and then you also need to track how far the user has reached, see in which room he/she is in, and finally print out the description of the same.

Moreover, if we’re talking about rooms then there should be walls too right? So, here you also need to make walls(set limits), to tell the user that they cannot move further in that direction. Of course, this is a bit more tricky than the other projects on the list in terms of setting up the directions and keeping track of how far the user has moved. But if you get stuck somewhere, Google’s always there!


Finally, our list of cool python projects for beginners. You can try any one of them or get your hands on all of them. The first three projects are pretty basic but the last two need a bit of thinking, concerning the various concepts of Python such as strings, variables, input, and output, if/else statements, while loops, functions, and many more. So, get started with these to enhance your Python skills and build your basic concepts.

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