Soon Linkedin Going to Add Stories as a New Conversational Format

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Yes, you read it right! LinkedIn is going to launch a new conversational format at its platform i.e Stories. It is similar to Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook.

Pete Davies mentioned in an article on LinkedIn that:

As the head of content products at LinkedIn, my job is to make sure we’re giving professionals every format and feedback opportunity they need to make these conversations as productive as possible. Over the last few years, that’s led us to launch features including Newsletters, Live Video, Trending News, and Reactions. There are more conversations taking place in the LinkedIn feed than ever before, with a 25% year-over-year increase in engagement. We see more and more ways in which our members come together to have a conversation — from sharing and discussing the lessons learned in a job, to helping with ideas for a new purchase to a community outpouring of love following a tragedy.

LinkedIn stories are being tested internally by the team & they have not made any announcement regarding the rollout. However,  you may get a surprise very soon.

It’s not the first attempt made by LinkedIn, earlier in 2018, LinkedIn tested the Stories by the students of the universities. Stories were named” Student Voice”, to make the students of the United States interact with each other in an interactive way.

However, now LinkedIn is all set to launch the same at the professional ground.

Later Davies also mentioned that:

I’m excited to see how Stories will bring creativity and authenticity to the ways that members share more of their work-life so that they can build and nurture the relationships necessary to become more productive and successful.

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