Why kids should learn to code ?

Let me ask you an important question Do you think, We should make programming mandatory for children or Why kids should code?


In this fast growing era of digitization, where digital appliances have become as important as breathing.

We know how to use these digital appliances but it is also necessary to know how these appliances work.

Also, the creativity in children is declining year by year as they are only exposed to rote memorization technique.

Learning how to code gave a birth to new thinking process in children.

10 Reasons Why kids should learn to code :

1. Key to Doors of Creativity:

For an entire generation, coding can unlock the doors of creativity. As coding creates a specific way of facing problems, a new way of thinking.

To learn how to code is the basic need of our children for their future development.

2. One Language, Unites the World:

In far twenty years from now on, inability to code will be treated as same as illiteracy and innumeracy because computers and digital appliances and are connected throughout the world.

We must promote coding in children or we are going to be left in the dark.

3. Telling Story through Code,


Coding is purely depended on logic.

In coding, one learns how things work in order to accomplish a critical task just as walking in the path of the world of a storyline, throughout the process.

4. Code means Superpowers:

Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn computer programming.

It teaches us to think, analyze, and create new amazing things as like we gain some superpowers.

5. The best period to learn, When they’re Young:

As we know it already, children learn thing much faster and better when they are in their childhood.

While learning they are free to do every possible experiment with the learning and it helps them very efficiently to learn better.

6. New ways to approach Problems:

Coding techniques help children to see the bigger picture of any situation.

This type of skill is must have for everyone.

It teaches you to how can a big hefty task be done in manageable small tasks and in logic and order.

You will learn how to take smaller steps to pursue your big dream goals

7. Think about Thinking:

Coding also unlocks your mind to a whole level, it teaches you how to think about thinking and analyze your thinking by teaching debugging.

8. Next Big Innovation, Yes Your Own:

Coding gives children confidence that they can change the word by their creative ideas.

Learn to code separates the big thinker or game changers from ordinary people.

Promote coding in your children to make them a personality who can bring ideas to life and change the world.

9. Coding is not hard, As it seems to:

Learning how to code, is just similar to learning a new language.

One has to practice it regularly.

A person learns to programme more effectively in childhood, as kid brain is more flexible.

Coding gives children an ability to create new things that impact those around them.

10. Help Humanity:

Coding can help humanity.

See how Google helps us, to do daily chores in a very pleasant way.

We need to learn Code to bring the change in the world.
So as you see how much is important for our kids to learn to code.

Right time for learning programming is right now for your kids, and for you too.

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