What is SEO and How it works?

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In this SEO guide, we will have a look at what is SEO and how it works in a step by step process. 
If you have just started your online business you must be curious to take your website to the next level. However,  ranking a website requires the right SEO Strategies.
Now you must be thinking what is SEO and how it works? let’s dig into the topic right away!

What is SEO and How it works

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is one of the essential parts of Digital Marketing.

As a business owner or website owner, you need to have a plan in place to promote your business or website and get new customers and visitors.

SEO is the method that helps business owners to ranks their website high in the search engines for relevant keywords. For example, say that you are trying to sell a T-shirt online. In order to get your content in front of the right people, you want to try to optimize your E-commerce website that it will show up as a top result for anyone who searches for the phrase “Buy T-shirt.”

Now you must be curious how search engines like Google rank the web-page for a particular keyphrase.

Let’s have a look at how it works.

How Do Search Engines work?

Many people think that search engines have a hidden agenda.

This is just not true.

However, the goal of the search engine is to provide high-quality content to people who are looking for it.

Search engines with the broader distribution network sell more advertising space. As I write this, Google is considered the search engine with the best relevance. Its technologies feed most of the searches on the web.

There are many benefits of SEO for Business. By improving SEO, one can work to expand its visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. This will help you reach and attract more potential customers. By creating more targeted and effective SEO-oriented content, you can increase your chances of attracting more specific organic traffic.

Parts of a Search Engine

  • Crawler

It analyzes, updates, and add new pages when its deducted by them. The best advantage of having a frequent crawl page is that you can get new crawled sites, pages or projects quickly by linking them from a powerful or frequently changing page.

  • Index 

The index is where the data collected by the spider are stored. When you perform a search on a major search engine, you are not searching the web, but in the web cache provided by the search engine index.

  • Search interface

The search algorithm and the search interface are used to find the most relevant document in the index based on the search query.

First, the search engine attempts to determine the user’s intent by looking at the words that the searcher wrote.

Now as we understood about the search Engine let’s have a look at factors that impact SEO.

Important Factors Related To SEO

There are two important factors;

  1. On-Page
  2. Off-Page

In On-Page SEO, you need to optimize the code and content of your website. There are many other things involve in On-Page SEO that you can read here.

Whereas, in Off-Page SEO, quality backlink building is the crucial part. If you want to learn more about Off-page SEO you can read the same here.

Now that you have gone through the post “What is SEO and how it works”  you should start making required changes to your site to improve your SEO and increase the ranking on the search results page. Remember that there are many factors that affect your SEO ranking, but most importantly, make sure that you are pushing out valuable content.

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