What is Social Bookmarking and how does it work?

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Have you came across the word ‘Social Bookmarking’? Do you want to know all about it? You have come to the right place.

Let’s dive into the topic now.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is an online service that allows users to add, annotate, edit and share web document bookmarks. Many online bookmark management services have been launched since 1996; Delicious, founded in 2003, has popularized the terms “bookmarking” and “tagging.”

How Social Bookmarking Works?

Users save links to web pages in a social bookmarking program that they wish to remember and/or share. Generally, such bookmarks are anonymous and can be privately saved, shared only with particular individuals or groups, shared only within certain networks, or another mix of public and private domains. Such bookmarks can typically be viewed by authorized people chronologically, by category or tag, or through a search engine.

While some services feature categories/folders or a mix of folders and tags, most social bookmark services encourage users to organize their bookmarks with informal tags instead of the conventional browser-based folder structure. They also allow you to view bookmarks associated with a selected tag and include details about the number of users who have bookmarked them. Many social bookmarking services often draw tag-relationship inferences to create tag clusters or bookmarks.

Most bookmarking sites, including lists grouped by tags, have web feeds for their bookmark list. This helps subscribers to become aware of new bookmarks as other users save, post and tagged them. It also helps to promote the sites by networking with and cooperating with other social bookmarkers.

As these services evolved and became more popular, they added additional features such as ratings and comments on bookmarks, the ability to import and export bookmarks from browsers, bookmark emailing, web annotation, and groups or other features of social networks

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