YouTube Marketing Tutorial Step by Step: How to do Video Marketing

YouTube Marketing Tutorial Step by Step
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This YouTube Marketing Tutorial Step by Step will help you understand Video marketing is becoming more common as a means used by businesses and organizations to promote their business brand. From its origin in the 1940s till now, Video marketing has been used by many companies to improve awareness and increase the sales of their products and services

Video marketing platforms include YouTube, Vimeo, and daily motion.

However, it is well known that YouTube constitutes the largest platform for video marketing.


With millions of users, YouTube provides opportunities to upload and share videos, like and comment on videos as well as subscribing to a video channel.

Here, we will go through some steps and tips on how to make money on YouTube by uploading videos that promote some particular business brands, products and services

YouTube Marketing Tutorial Step by Step:


You can create an account on your Google + page or create an account from YouTube itself. With a ready-made Gmail account, creating a YouTube account should not be a difficult process.


This step involves looking for a product or service that is available for YouTube video promotions. Some products may not be licensed for such promotions.

At this stage, you have to ensure that the affiliate product you choose has YouTube as one of its accepted promotion platforms. is a good place to research on affiliate products that have YouTube promotion compatibility


The next step to take is to seek more knowledge about this product.

Some relevant information will include product features;

  • Unique selling point of the product;
  • product target market;
  • product reviews.

This way, you get to know what this product offers and what needs does it satisfy.

Then using Google Planner or any other Keyword research product, you can generate keywords that will help reach the target audience in a more effective way.

What you have learned about the product unique selling product should be the basis of the keywords you generate and use


Creating the video is a vital step in this process. Promoting a bad video with all your strength may turn out to be an exercise in futility, therefore, it’s necessary that you get the best out of this process

The scripts must be well written, in line with the product features, unique selling point and the needs of the target market. The promotion should be persuasive and friendly enough.

Opportunities to make sales should not be missed. The first minute is vital to the whole video, whether it will be watched or not

You can choose to make the video yourself, with a friend’s help or you can outsource it to freelancers either on Upwork, Fiverr or Freelancer.

If you choose to outsource, make sure you get the best content.

Review and review until you are satisfied.

If you are not persuaded by the video, another person may not be persuaded also.


Based on the account you have created, you need to create a YouTube channel where your ready videos will be uploaded. You can create a channel on a particular niche to which that product belongs or a channel specifically related to that product (one video channel). Choose the option that is best for you and that will be in line with your marketing goals


After choosing which Channel option to follow, it is time to upload your video to the channel. Here, make sure the Keyword you have generated is what you use to name the video as the video title. The title determines its relevance to users and will be important in getting views and traffic

You will also need to write a description for the video, also ensure that the keywords feature prominently in the description



Promoting your videos requires many tips and strategies that are vital to success

  • Provide the link to affiliate offers within the first three lines of the video description to ensure that it is immediately seen without expanding the tab.
  • Ask for likes, comments, and subscription during the video itself( instruct your freelancer, if you choose to outsource).
  • Let video tags include keywords to make it rank higher
  • Make use of annotations
  • Make regular and informative comments on other related videos in a way that makes people inquire into who you are and what you do.
  • Add an appealing Thumbnail
  • Share in a reasonable way on social media and on related forums
  • Add it to your IM and Status
  • Ask for a third party to approve descriptions
  • Add links to website and blog
  • Be always ready to respond to comments and engage with comments in a convincing way



When all the relevant steps are taken and tips implemented, it is time to begin to get the clicks, the leads, the sales and for yourself, the money. Ensure that the affiliate link is well positioned and everything else will take care of itself.

In a world of sights and sounds, the importance of video marketing cannot be overemphasized. Good quality videos well promoted can offer the competitive advantage to companies and a source of income to various digital marketers. It’s about making the most valuable use of the development in technology


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